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Friday May 22nd 2015
$20 In advance - Wine tasting and show
Buy your ticket here

We are so excited to announce that our Flamenco theatrical show WONDERLAND will be at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta on June 20th and 21st. To Buy the tickets Click HERE
For a limited time only you can get them at a discount price in Gold Star



This summer, take as many flamenco classes as you want to with the Caló Gitano Summer Class Pass! Here’s how it works:

We will be offering several non-progressive and other flamenco classes during the twelve weeks of summer (non-progressive classes include Técnica, Flamenco Singing, Contratiempo, Upper Body Training, and more!), and with your Summer Class Pass you can drop into any of these non-progressive classes at any time. All of these non-progressive courses will be designed to teach you something new, but they will also be structured in a way that will make it easy for any student to drop into any class at any time without feeling lost. Our goal is to make sure that, even if our students have to travel at various points throughout the summer, they will still be able to receive the number of hours of flamenco training that they desire on a schedule that works best for them. Students simply have to purchase the number of hours of class that they would like to take, and then use the hours in any way that they choose throughout the summer. In other words, you could use all of your hours in one week if you wanted to, or even space them out over the entire twelve weeks of the summer. It’s up to you!

Each non-progressive class meets for one-and-a-half hours per week for all twelve weeks of the summer, and students will have several non-progressive classes to choose from, which will give them the most flexibility possible. The purchase options for the Summer Class Pass are listed below**:

16-Hour Summer Class Pass (i.e. 12 one-and-a-half hour classes throughout the summer): $240
32-Hour Summer Class Pass (i.e. 24 one-and-a-half hour classes throughout the summer): $400 (a savings of $80!)
48-Hour Summer Class Pass (i.e. 36 one-and-a-half hour classes throughout the summer): $540 (a savings of $180!!)

**Summer Class Pass purchases are non-refundable and the hours purchased are non-transferrable. Purchased Summer Class Pass hours can only be used in non-progressive flamenco classes offered in summer 2015 and cannot be used in any future courses. Any Summer Class Pass hours that are not used by the end of our summer 2015 courses are forfeited and no refunds or credits will be given for any unused hours. Discounted prices for 32-Hour and 48-Hour Summer Class Passes apply only to initial Summer Class Pass purchases, and do not apply to purchases of additional hours after a student has purchased a 16-Hour Summer Class Pass and later chooses to purchase additional Summer Class Pass hours to reach 32 or 48 hours.



Caló Gitano is a professional flamenco dance company and academy that was founded in 2001. Since its inception, the group has grown to include members from several different countries, and has performed flamenco throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

The group performs regularly throughout the Atlanta area, and its energetic performances have garnered the group recognition on the award-winning program, “This is Atlanta”, and has given the group the opportunity to perform on CBS's "Better Mornings Atlanta"

Caló Gitano offers flamenco classes for children and adults of all skill levels, flamenco shows (in English or Spanish) for parties, restaurants, weddings, and private or other special events, and specializes in live, interactive, and energetic flamenco presentations for audiences of all ages.