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Field Trips

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Interactive/Educational Field Trips at Caló Gitano

Take your students on a trip to Spain without actually having to fly out of the country! For just $15 per student bring your class to Caló Dance Studio for a "flamenco or Latin Dance field trip," a two-hour workshop where your students can learn about the rich tradition of flamenco in Spain or latin dancing  and Spanish language through interactive musical exercises, dancing, and hand-on experiences. This educational trip will be so much fun that your students will want to take this voyage over and over again.


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Field Trips
Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

The Best Way to Celebrate your Birthday!

Make your child’s next birthday party a fiesta de flamenco with Caló Gitano! We can bring the party to you by sending a flamenco dancer to your home, or you can host a party at Caló Dance Studio, where we have the lights, the space, the stage, and all of the flamenco fun that you could ever hope for packed under one roof! No matter where you hold the party, though, we always make sure to keep your child’s birthday fun and festive with live flamenco dancing, interactive storytelling, and even getting the kids at the party to learn how to dance flamenco. Book your next party today!


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Flamenco Shows

Flamenco Shows & Events

Private Parties and Events

Caló Gitano also offers flamenco shows (in English or Spanish) for parties, restaurants, weddings, and private or other special events. Our shows are very interactive and energetic, and are designed to transport our audiences straight into the cultural heart of Spain. We even make sure that the audience members get a chance to learn a few steps and have fun with us dancing to some great Rumba Flamenca beats. You will surely be dancing if you are celebrating your birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special day with us. Contact us for availability and prices.



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Flamenco Shows for Schools and Universities

"Olé el Flamenco"   Caló Gitano specializes in live, interactive, and energetic flamenco presentations for audiences of all ages. The director of the group is a certified classroom and Spanish teacher who not only has taught elementary and middle school Spanish, but also is a professionally trained salsa and flamenco dancer.


The Caló Gitano performance team strives to make every presentation entertaining and informative from beginning to end, and realizes that to make a connection with the students and to maintain their attention, the show needs to be personable, relatable, funny, and interactive at all times. With a certified teacher at the helm and an experienced lawyer and public speaker as the co-presenter for its programs, Caló Gitano is able to keep the students entertained, but at the same time make sure that the fun stays focused and educational. In each performance, the group incorporates aspects of the curriculum that the students are studying by reinforcing and reviewing what the students have been learning in the classroom, and by allowing the students to directly participate in the show by dancing with, clapping with, and constantly interacting with the performers.


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