Take your students on a trip to Spain without actually having to fly out of the country! For just $5 per student per hour, bring your class to Caló Dance Studio for a "flamenco field trip," a two- hour workshop where your students can learn about the rich tradition of flamenco dancing in Spain and Spanish language through interactive musical exercises, dancing, and singing.



"Olé el Flamenco"   Caló Gitano specializes in live, interactive, and energetic flamenco presentations for audiences of all ages. The director of the group is a certified classroom and Spanish teacher who not only has taught elementary and middle school Spanish, but also is a professionally trained salsa and flamenco dancer.



Make your child’s next birthday party a fiesta de flamenco with Caló Gitano! We can bring the party to you by sending a flamenco dancer to your home, or you can host a party at Caló Dance Studio, where we have the lights, the space, the stage, and all of the flamenco fun that you could ever hope for packed under one roof!

Marianela "Malita" Belloso

Caló Gitano Artistic Director



Caló Gitano Dance Academy is more than a community of dancers and artists. Here, we are a growing family! Our academy was founded in 2001, and  since that time we have grown into the largest flamenco dance academy in Georgia!

Join us today to take part in our classes, presentations, social activities, student shows, and even our bi-annual trips to Spain!!!


Caló Dance Company is a professional dance company that performs throughout Georgia and the Southeast. We offer flamenco presentations (in English or Spanish) for parties, restaurants, weddings, and private or other special events. And we specialize in live, interactive, and energetic flamenco presentations for audiences of all ages.

Our company has grown to include musicians and other artists, and through this growth we have even started our own professional theatre company! Caló Theatre Company specializes in full lengh flamenco theatrical musicals. We mix flamenco and theatre together to create original productions that are unlike anything else in Atlanta!



Caló Dance Studio is the only dance studio in Atlanta specifically designed by and for flamenco dancers. It is the perfect place to take a dance class, host a flamenco party with a real tablao flamenco, organize a school field trip for your students, or just bring a group of friends for a fun afternoon! For only $25 per hour, Caló Dance Studio is also available for rent for any special event, workshop, or creative activity that you have in mind! We have a 60" screen TV, a huge sound system, folding tables and chairs, and everything else that you might need to make sure that you to have a great experience.

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